Animal Crossing: New Horizons has an option for the GameCube camera view

An old perspective on New Horizons

Anyone who wants an extra dash of nostalgia alongside the new Animal Crossing will be happy to hear that they can view the game through the camera settings of original.

One of the many details to come out of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons demo at PAX East is that there’s a toggle to switch the camera angle to the viewpoint of the Animal Crossing on GameCube. The original had more of an overhead top-down look, whereas subsequent games have a lower and closer camera.

As the Nintendo rep in the video above points out, making the change is easy enough. Just click the right analog stick to get that classic view. Click again to revert. Click a third time, back to GameCube mode. Click again and you’re back to that New Horizons hotness. Click another time and everyone will get sick of this bit. Yet another click and they’ll forcibly take your Switch away.

There’s a lot more being unraveled out of PAX East. USgamer rounded a good chunk of them up including: Kicks the Skunk sells a lot more than shoes, like handbags and purses; Tom Nook’s rewards program includes cell phone cases; snapping turtles are among the many new species of water creatures; and welcome mats are a new furniture item.

Three weeks until the first proper Animal Crossing in eight years. It’ll be wholesome and incredible no matter which angle you’re viewing from.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Might Have Genders After All Among Other New Details From PAX East [USgamer]

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