Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC turns you into a vacation home designer

happy home paradise animal crossing dlc

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So, you’ve already filled up your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, and although you may be living in total squalor, why not share that disarray with your fellow villagers? As part of this morning’s Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo announced Happy Home Paradise — a paid DLC update for the cutesy Switch social sim — launching November 5.

Happy Home Paradise gives players the opportunity to share their design ideas with a menagerie of residents, all looking for their own piece of island nirvana. By taking on clients, players will be given full editing privileges to design and construct the client’s home. From choosing a suitable island and location, to conceiving and building the home’s interior and exterior, the player will be fully responsible for providing a home that perfectly suits the given client’s aesthetic and lifestyle.

Decide the homestead’s shape and size, add partitions and countertops, decorate the walls, floors, and ceiling, before polishing off the look with a wide variety of matching furniture. Once the interior is complete, move outside to create a beautiful yard for the client, lavishly daubed in plants, fences, and water features. Do an excellent job, and you’ll soon find your Rolodex full of new clients, eager to capitalize on your wild ‘n’ wacky design ideas. Cute. You’ll be paid for your services in in-game currency Poki, which can be used to buy exclusive furniture and decorations for your own humble abode. You can also invite new clients to your business via amiibo cards.

Once you’ve mastered homes, you can go on to build amenities for the town, including schoolhouses, restaurants, and hospitals. I have to admit, the idea of Animal Crossing characters getting that sick almost moves me to tears… couldn’t it have been, I don’t know, a car dealership or something? Regardless, the Happy Home Paradise DLC hopes to add hours upon hours of extra gameplay, as the player continues to create stylish new pads for Animal Crossing’s cast of fuzzy friends.

Happy Homes Paradise will launch on November 5, priced at around $25.

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