Animal Crossing hits Europe in December, complete with silly Australian name

Animal Crossing: City Folk has a really stupid alternative name in Australia. When it reaches the shores of Kangaroo Land, it’s going to be called the rather cringeworthy Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City.

If you’re European, you can stop laughing at that horrible title — that’s what it’s called over here too.

Animal Crossing‘s Wii debut is scheduled to hit Europe in time for Christmas, which makes a pleasant change of pace from the six-month waiting times that Nintendo usually enforces. The relatively swift release, however, is countered by the fact that you have to seriously go into a game store and ask for “Let’s Go to the City.”

I’m no Animal Crossing fan, but it’s cool that Nintendo is managing to get this out of the Euro door near Christmas, which is likely around the same time the US will get it. It proves that European Wii releases can be done close to US ones though, so let’s try and see more of that, yes?

James Stephanie Sterling