Animal Crossing: City Folk: new info and images

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I’m getting tired of saying “Nintendo Media Summit,” but that’s where all the news is coming from today.

The day-wasting virtual life game with fur (Nintendo calls it “community simulation”) comes to us on November 16th. As you probably already know, Animal Crossing: City Folk is the first title to use Wii Speak, the set-top TV microphone/speaker. Up to four players in your own home can work together (well, alternating control) to paint the town red.

You’ll never leave the house again if you’re trying to collect every item, as Nintendo says that there is over 2,400 of them. 

Joining favorites like K.K. Slider, Tom Nook, and that as*hole Mr. Resetti are new characters like Festivale host Pavé and Bug-Off judge Bud. Also, some of the occasional visitors of the older Animal Crossing games have now set up permanent shop in town for City Folk.

Finally, the DS Suitcase mode lets you carry your character from your Wii console to a friend’s IRL house. You can also import your character from Animal Crossing: Wild World DS to City Folk. Let the day wasting commence!

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