Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Miiverse loses screenshot sharing

Please, hold the chungus

[Update: Comment from the game’s developer on the situation can be found here.]

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is not just for fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd. I know this from personal experience. I’m completely lukewarm to the character, neither charmed or repulsed by him, but I still really like his game. Unlike the old Strong Bad point and click titles from Telltale, AVGN Adventures does less to replicate the feeling of watching a show and does more to allow the player to experience the frustration and amusement of being an angry videogame nerd firsthand. Like so many of the NES titles featured on the original Youtube series, AVGN Adventures appears simple and straight-forward on the surface, which leaves you all the more dumbfounded and hopeless when you repeatedly fail, and all the more relieved and satisfied when you finally succeed. 

The game also has giant penises, butts, breasts, and frequent use of the word “chungus” —  a mysterious noun/verb/adjective that Jim Sterling created on a prior iteration of Podtoid, Destructoid’s official podcast. Jim and our site mascot Mr. Destructoid also make brief cameos in the game.

I wonder if that’s also the reason why Nintendo is asking Wii U owners to abstain from posting screenshots of the AVGN Adventures Miiverse page? Seeing as Miiverse mods are constantly scouring for unlawful dick drawings to ban and erase, it would make sense that they would disable screens from a game that has an entire level dedicated to dicks. Hopefully they won’t also block users from drawing cartoons of Willem Dafoe and Danny Devito on the page. Dafoeverse has needed a new home for awhile now, and I’m sure the creators of AVGN Adventures would openly welcome the Dafoe-ification of their channel.

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures – Miiverse screenshots disabled [Gonintendo]

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