Angry Joe details his Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game

Kickstarter opens next month

Joe Vargas, better known by his online persona as Angry Joe, has revealed details on tabletop game he currently has in development, based on Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter series.

Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game is an officially licensed card battler for two to six players, with multiple gameplay styles. The game utilises a three-dimensional playing mat, dice and a deck of cards to recreate battles among some of Street Fighter’s most popular characters, with each fighter able to perform “combos” by utilising battle cards unique to each character.

One of the game’s biggest draws is its finely-crafted playing pieces. These cool-looking figurines currently include Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Zangief, Vega and Sagat, with a planned expansion featuring Akuma and M. Bison. The current prototype models have improved drastically upon their original concepts.

The Kickstarter for Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game opens on April 4. A pledge of $80 will bag you a starter set, while $120 will also get backers the boss expansion and stretch goal characters. A commitment of $280 also nabs you future expansions, planned for Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighters III, IV and V.

Angry Joe has stated that should the game prove successful, he plans to produce alternate editions of the game focused on other fighting franchises, such as Mortal Kombat and Dragon Ball Z.

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