Angry Birds making the jump to Xbox 360, Wii, PSN

Angry Birds, that game everyone won’t shut up about and I only just saw in motion for the first time five minutes ago, is coming to new gaming systems. We knew that already — kind of. It was previously made clear that the game will release on PlayStation 3, PSP, and DS.

The new word on the street is that Angry Birds will also get Wii and Xbox 360 versions (presumably via download), as revealed by Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka at London’s Social Gaming Summit. Purportedly, multiplayer will be a major emphasis and feel like classic Worms.

I’m super interested to see how well Angry Birds does on non-mobile platforms. You can’t really compare any of those marketplaces to what’s happening on the AppStore, which continues to blow my mind on a daily basis and makes me long for programming skills. It’ll be neat to see how that success translates.

Angry Birds coming to Wii, Xbox, PSN. Multiplayer to resemble ‘old school Worms’ [Pocket Gamer via MTV Multiplayer]

Jordan Devore
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