Angry Birds: 7 million downloads on Android, never ends

I’ve never played Angry Birds, but it’s all I hear about these days. We’ve got technology out the f*cking ass, with motion sensing capable high-definition consoles that are outputting photorealistic 3D graphics, but everyone’s playing some stupid bird game. I knew it was all over when I saw my four-year-old niece playing it the other day. That sealed the deal for me. The nonconformist in me said that I’d never play it. It can’t be that good.

Seven million people have downloaded Angry Birds on the Android platform. Developer Rovio Mobile has confirmed that their game is a hit on even non-iOS platforms. And speaking of iOS, CVG says that the latest Halloween expansion of the game sold one million copies on iPhone in only six days. Now the bird flinging is coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. 

This industry is going to the birds.

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