Angry atheists don’t like Spore

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If there’s one thing I hate more than a militant religious nut, it’s a militant atheist nut. At least crazy fundamentalists have some sort of excuse for their preachy behavior — an overbearing, pushy atheist is simply being an arsehole. I hate it when a bunch of Dr. Dawkins wannabes decide to take things too far and end up no better than the only religious people they should have a problem with (the nutters), which is why I can only grimace to find that so far, it’s just atheists that have found something to complain about with Will Wright’s Spore.

You’d think that the presence of evolution might set off the fundies, but no. Wright claims that so far, the only ones who have a problem are militant atheists who are offended because Spore includes religion. According to the visionary game designer:

“So far I’ve had no critical feedback at all from anybody who is religious feeling that we were misrepresenting religion or it was bad to represent religion in the game. It was really the atheists.”

Just goes to show really that whatever peoples’ theological leanings, there’s always room to be an utter c*nt. Complaining that a game features religion is just as demented as the hardline Christians who hate books that have wizards in because they don’t promote the word of The Lord. Getting all huffy over Spore, of all things, is downright pathetic and I’m glad that the people currently stomping their feet over it are destined to burn for all eternity in the fiery pits of Lucifer’s blackest Hell.

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