Android: Let’s Golf HD free on HTC EVO 4G and Nexus One

Ah, the HTC EVO. It’s the first phone ever to get this full-fledged Apple whore to turn his head. I wouldn’t say that the grass is greener over there, but I feel it’s just as green. What a beautiful mobile device.

If you’re anything like my Apple hating friends, you likely have a new HTC EVO in your pocket right now. You’ll be happy to see me this morning as I have good news: Gameloft’s Let’s Golf HD is free on both phones.

Let’s Golf is a lovely little golf title that will remind you of the Hot Shots Golf series from the PlayStation. Great graphics, good control and cute characters can be expected. It was out for the iDevices first, and then came to DSiWare later. And now you. For free. Aren’t you lucky?

This is a limited time offer from the Gameloft folks, so make sure you jump on the offer now. You’ll need these links to claim your free software:

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