And Yet It Moves dated, priced

PC game turned WiiWare title And Yet It Moves is one of those games that is cool enough that plenty of gamers are tracking it. We knew it was coming soon, but now we have a solid release date and price for the puzzle/platformer.

Broken Rules’ game will hit your Wii on August 23rd, and will cost you 1,000 Wii Points. If you haven’t heard yet, you’ll be rotating a paper collage world with your Wii Remote to navigate puzzle-ish levels. There’s 20 levels in four different environments, and when you’re done, you can come back with modes like Speed Run, Survival, and Time Trial. And if you hate the idea of waggle, know that the Classic Controller is also supported.

In the gallery below you’ll find a bunch of new screenshots from this version of the game.

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