And the winner of the My DoItAll contest is….

Some of you showed off some incredible messes in our DoItAll DS contest — I have to say, it really was impressive. Dig through some of those mountains of garbage, you could find some serious treasure, or maybe even some girl you dated a few years ago who you wondered what happened to. Jennifer, is that you?

In the end, gatorsax’s abode had the hardcore look that we were looking for, right down to the dozens of empty water bottles (Mountain Dew would have been grosser, but oh well) and discarded boxes of trash. Someone should give you an award for walking in there, guy! One DS and one copy of My DoItAll is coming your way!

Thanks to everyone who participated and make sure to keep your eye on the site for some new free swag you can win very soon — as we speak I’m organizing some new contests for you guys. While you wait fo rme to announce them, go put on a tight shirt and show off your pecs (or cleavage!) for a free copy of The Wheelman!

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