And the top three selling amiibo figures are…

I’ll give you a hint, one is green

Ah, the amiibo saga. It’s been a wild ride that not even Mr. Toad would go on. But as we continue through this tough journey together, Nintendo has sent word over that they are doing very well, and are “approximately equal” to the sales for Super Smash Bros. Wii U.

But the most interesting bit out of the statement was the reveal of the top three selling amiibo. Ready? It’s Link, Mario, and Pikachu — in that order.

I can easily see why Link is the top pick, because he’s the only amiibo that works with three games at launch. Pikachu also makes perfect sense, and the selling power of Mario is still real, apparently. My personal favorite figure is Mario in terms of quality, as the fireball effect looks really good in person, so it makes sense.

Chris Carter
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