And our Overlord II contest winner is…

A quick apology to everyone before we get on with the winner announcement — I’m late closing this contest and I’m sorry I made you all wait! As you may have noticed, I was at San Diego Comic-Con when it should have ended, and I admit, I forgot. I should drink less.

The contest was a simple one: caption this photo and win a copy of Overlord II for 360 AND a Minion figure. While so many of the entries kept us laughing, Rockvillian‘s got us over and over (especially the Minion that’s saying “Frosties!”) You win, good sir, and we will contact you asap for some mailing information so we can send out your prize.

If you’re frowning because you wanted to win, allow me to cheer you — I literally have piles of swag around my desk to give away to you folks in the month of August, including free shirts, games, a PSP and even possibly a big fat PC. Yep, you heard me. You’ll see all this up for grabs in the coming weeks, so keep your eye on the site to win!

Colette Bennett