And our Glitch t shirt contest winners are…

Out of the ten winners we chose, Naisu Misanthropeu‘s was our number one favorite with Death of the Dead easily coming in second (and if you think I’m biased picking a Persona 4 shirt for second place, you’d be absolutely right). Following them we also chose Cataract, pheonix-blood, riomccarthy, haunted1013 and her roomie for two awesome shirts in a row, apesapoppin, Rscheamist, and last buy not least shinigamiDude, who owns a Pyramid Head shirt I would kill a man for.

If you’re closer to the end of the winners list, please do not be surprised if you get a different shirt than the one you asked for — we had limited quantities of each one, so if we ran out we substituted something else in for you. If you asked for a medium, shame on you for not reading the original post — we never had that size to begin with!

Just a reminder: we still have a PSP 3000, copies of Fantasy Golf Pangya, an Xbox 360, G.I. Joe stuff and more. If you didn’t win one of these, go try your hand at one of those contests. Winning a free game system is slightly awesomer than a free t-shirt, I’ll admit it!

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