And now an adorable Wolf Link cosplay from a very good dog

With Midna!

WonderCon 2018 was just held at the Anaheim Convention Center this past weekend, and man there are some great cosplay pictures coming out of it — especially in the wake of Marvel’s impending Infinity War

But one stood out to me in particular — as posted by BrunchIsAMust on reddit — this Wolf Link cosplay, complete with a little Midna on top. According to BrunchIsAMust this is their dog (whose name is Navi), who goes to “tons of cons.”

The likeness is pretty spot on, and the fact that they can deal with stuff on their back makes them a pretty darn good dog that’s perfect for petting. I want to meet them one day!

Wolf Link and Midna making their way through WonderCon [Reddit]

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