Analyst(s) predict TGS-timed/holiday PS3 price drop [Update]

Wait, didn’t we just have a price drop? reports that an analyst from simExchange says that Sony needs another price drop or pack-in to remain competitive in the North American market.  Analyst Jesse Divnich wants to see either another $100 USD taken off the console or an added-value bundle released to keep Sony competitive with Microsoft. He also believes that this should happen at TGS.

Divinch says “Sony’s third party software support could be at serious risk if they allow Microsoft to continue to widen the sales gap.”

This sounds like a daydream. Nothing against simExchange or its virtual trading, but another price drop this year (even though the first was more of a clearance) might be a sign of weakness in the eyes of Sony’s competitors, and Sony doesn’t really have a history of backing down.

Don’t get me wrong: a PS3 price drop this holiday would be wonderful, but I expect that Sony is still looking to move PS2 games and systems, letting their better-but-still-not-great holiday PS3 lineup do what it will. I’ll stick with Pachter’s predictions, which call for PS2 price drops this year, and PS3 price drops in 2008. 

[Update: In a Gamasutra article on the same topic, Pachter says that he expects the 80GB system to be reduced to $499 for this holiday season. He also says that Sony could follow that up with another drop next spring. Pachter, make up your mind!]

[thanks, JV] 

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