Analysts: Could Nintendo make the next major move in the console war?

Damn that Nintendo, always coming up with new ways to make us flat broke. If Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian has anything to say about it, they’ll make us poorer and happier again very soon. In a recent investor note, Sebastian said that the next wave of console hardware would hit before 2011, unless Nintendo makes a key move:

“One possible exception to console timing may be Nintendo, which could opt to upgrade the Wii with faster processing power, DVD capability and/or greater storage.”

Yes, Nintendo could opt to do that … but will they? With the measure of success they’ve had with the Wii, the company has obviously proved they don’t need to be cutting-edge to generate consumer interest. On the other hand, other companies are moving swiftly forward technologically (such as Microsoft, who have recently started work to produce a 65 nm-based CPU for the Xbox 360). It seems it will only grow increasingly difficult to stay behind the curve and achieve success, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo could somehow manage to pull it off.

Sebastian also commented on the PS3, saying that Sony is doing better with the North American market, but that “the PS3 is likely to gain significant market share until hardware prices reach mass market levels.”

Do you think Nintendo could step up to the plate a second time and sweep the market before Microsoft and Sony?

[Via CVG — Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett