Analyst: PS Move more attractive to gamers than Kinect

M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon, aside from having an awesome name, has an opinion on the current state of waggle controllers and “hardcore” gamers. According to him (and possibly Captain Obvious), traditional gamers find the PlayStation Move a far more attractive concept than Microsoft’s Kinect. Maybe it’s because the Move, I dunno, has been marketed to gamers, and not to Justin Bieber fans.

“Both Kinect and Move validate Nintendo’s Wii strategy,” he says. “Move is currently more of an attraction for gaming enthusiasts, primarily because PS3 is still selling into the base, and Sony is right to position Move as precise motion control for the hardcore.

“Now through 2011, Kinect poses a real threat to Nintendo Wii. Wii is still selling and will likely sell more strongly than it has recently in late Q4. Still, Nintendo’s console has reached a saturation point. A price cut for the Wii timed for Black Friday blow outs would allow for some consolidation against Microsoft’s Kinect strategy.”

I’ll admit that, as a technology enthusiast, Kinect has interested me a lot more now that it’s released and people have gotten to grips with its neat little features. As a gamer, however, I’m still waiting for something to make me care. Especially since I bought a PS Move and all I ever use it for is playing Deadstorm Pirates. Seriously, I don’t need another motion controller that I’m barely gonna use cluttering up the place. 

Retailers Had to Cap Kinect Pre-Orders Because Demand Was Too Great [Industry Gamers]

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