Analyst predicts Blizzard will move 12 million units in 2010

Well, surely many a Blizzard fan was sorely disappointed when we heard that Starcraft II was going to be delayed until 2010, but you know what? Blizzard is still going to be filthy stinking rich when they do get around to putting it out anyway. At least that’s what Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter predicts, and in case you haven’t noticed, that gentleman seems to be right rather often.

Pachter predicts that Blizzard will sell at least 12 million units of PC product in 2010, with the possibility to amp it up to 16 million units. He also mentions that World of Warcraft will grow in the Chinese market in terms of profitability. Those folks at Blizzard just can’t go wrong when it comes to making a game, can they?

[Via Gamasutra]

Colette Bennett