Analyst: PlayStation Phone could do more harm than good

With all the rumors and leaked documents floating around the Internet, a PlayStation Phone announcement seems imminent. A few of us at Destructoid think it’s a ludicrous idea that will try to corner two audiences and appeal to neither, and we’re not alone. Analyst Nick Gibson thinks it’s a poor move, too. 

“With PSP2 SDKs currently being deployed to developers and PSP still selling at surprisingly robust levels (given the miniscule size of ongoing PSP software sales), the PlayStation Phone concept is something of an enigma,” says the Games Investor analyst. 

“Where and how will it fit into the PlayStation family of products? Whilst a PlayStation branded game phone might make commercial sense to Sony Ericsson, SCE’s approach to hardware is radically different and there are numerous scenarios where such a product could do more harm than good.”

I just don’t see the point of its existence. Phone nuts don’t want a PSP and PSP fans likely already have a phone. Not to mention, Sony’s approach to handheld digital distribution has not exactly been successful. In fact, mobile gaming consumers will likely laugh at the ludicrous pricing structure, with other smartphones offering games for cheaper. Why buy a PSP Mini for five dollars when its App Store counterpart is two bucks?

Still, the idea of a PS Phone is so dumb that Sony’s bound to do it.

Games industry: Time is ripe for PSP Phone [Tech Radar]

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