Analyst: Modern Warfare 2 DLC was too cheap

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While most sensible human beings regard the Modern Warfare 2 “Stimulus Package” DLC as being a gouging, greedy, overpriced slap in the face, at least one analyst believes that it should have cost more. EEDAR’s Jesse Divinch, running the risk of giving Activision an evil idea, seems almost disappointed by that the map pack didn’t cost $20.

“The accepted commercial success benchmark for DLC for a console game is 20% of the install base,” explains Divinch. “The stimulus map pack was able to reach that benchmark in just a week, and should reach 30-35% (of Modern Warfare 2 owners purchasing the add-on) through its lifetime.

“Unfortunately, now Modern Warfare 2 consumers are anchored with the calculation that 5 maps equal $15, so deviating from that will be difficult for future Modern Warfare 2 DLC content. However, Activision could employ some psychological tricks, maybe 5 new maps (no remakes) for $20? Or 5 maps and 2 skins for $20?”

Unfortunately? Seriously, it’s unfortunate that Activision didn’t charge more? I disagree. What’s unfortunate is the fact that there are so many mewling, dribbling, braindead morons who actually thought $15 for five maps was acceptable and sent the message that publishers can continue to abuse the inherently good idea of DLC and ruin it for everybody. So well done to everybody who told Activision this was okay.


Analyst: Activision Priced Stimulus Package Too Low [IGN]

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