Analyst: 360 lacks diversity, PS3 will defeat it

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According to DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole, the Xbox 360 is due to be overtaken by the PlayStation 3 in the near future, and lacks the diversity needed to beat its most bitter rival. Cole says Microsoft should have just “given up on Japan” and that the system doesn’t have what it takes to compete on a global level.

“We have been forecasting for the past 3 years that the PS3 would catch up to the 360 by 2011,” says Cole. “I think the big issue is that the 360 has been primarily the platform for FPS games and has lacked the diversity to appeal to a broader international market … mainly Japan and Europe where Sony is very strong. The Xbox 360 was just much stronger in North America than it was globally.

“The main issue I think is Sony (and also Nintendo) being so strong in Europe and Japan. I think in terms of doing things differently they should probably have focused more on Europe and just given up on Japan. They would have had a better chance in Europe.”

Cole isn’t swayed by Kinect either, and doesn’t believe that Microsoft’s Oprah-approved EyeToy will break much ground: “They will try with the Kinect but I don’t see that working. I think the PS3 will soon pass the 360 for good.”


PS3 Will ‘Soon Pass the Xbox 360 For Good,’ proclaims Analyst [Industry Gamers] [Image]

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