An over-the-top Disaster: Day of Crisis trailer

When watching this trailer for Disaster: Day of Crisis for the first time, my initial thought was that they’d hired some Don LaFontaine sound-alike to do an overly dramatic narration. Then, it becomes obvious that it’s actually in-game voiceover and I instantly became unable to take it seriously. And who the hell comes up with the names for these terrorist organizations, anyway?

I’m praying that the laughter that’s erupting from my belly is intentional. We still need more titles on the Wii that cater to the core audience and this could be pretty fun to play. But if they intend for this to be a hard drama with nail-biting moments, I sure hope the final product barely resembles what we’re seeing here. It’s just goofy.

And there’s still no release date for this one, but this does suggest that things are still moving forward. What do you think of the trailer?

Conrad Zimmerman