An easy guide for easy stuff: Wii for Dummies

So you know how, to us, the Wii seems like the simplest console ever made? Well, to some people, it isn’t (probably because they haven’t been handling controllers of all shapes and sizes for the last 20 years). Case in point, I had my mom visiting a few months ago, and I showed to her thinking it was the “friendly” system for non-gamers. She did ok, but I could tell she was still a little confused about the whole thing.

If your parents have showed interest in the little white box but have their oh-so-common fear of technology that their generation seems to exhibit, you could present them with a copy of Wii for Dummies, written by this guy Kyle Orland who you might have seen around. Fifteen of your hard earned dollars can clarify everything from how to connect your Wii to the internet to “hacks” ( I think that word might scare my mom, actually).

I’m also not too proud to admit that while I may not need this particular chapter of the For Dummies series, there’s been more than one occasion that I’ve felt like I could use one. You can’t be brilliant every day.

Colette Bennett