Amnesia: The Bunker is getting a ‘shell shocked’ difficulty this Halloween

Just when you thought it was safe to…nope, nevermind.

Amnesia The Bunker: the player in the titular bunker, holding a watch.

Despite a couple of delays, Frictional Games finally released Amnesia: The Bunker in June, representing a return to form in the iconic Amnesia series. Now, get ready for an even tougher time in this WW1 setting, as an even tougher difficulty mode is on the way.

According to Creative Lead Fredrik Olsson (as spotted by Rock Paper Shotgun), the latest Amnesia game is getting a Halloween update, which includes a “shell shocked mode.” This new difficulty will see the immersive sim horror game present an even greater challenge for players.

For starters, the admin office – where safety is pretty much a guarantee – will now have a wooden door instead of its usual metal barricade. This, presumably, means the stalking monster will be able to get to the player, thus assuring nowhere is safe.

Nope. Can’t hide there, either.

At times of great stress, at least you can always count on the menu to pause the action, giving you a moment to rest. Not in the update. According to Olsson, time will not stop when you enter the menu screen.

What else? Oh yes. The update for Amnesia: The Bunker will also be introducing “new and randomized locations of corpses, dog tags and bunker rats.”

And if just these features weren’t enough, it also looks like the pistol – your one and only defense – is going to be stored in a locker. Therefore, you’ll have to find a code for the padlock before you can get to it.

There doesn’t appear to be an exact date for when this patch is going to start rolling out, so look out for it in the closing days of October. Suffice it to say, “shell shock mode” is going to sort the Amnesia wheat from the chaff.

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