Amiibogeddon update: Toys “R” Us no longer carrying the ‘holy trinity’

And lo, a terrible plague befell the land

[Image assistance from CJ Melendez]

We’ve yet to get a straight answer from Nintendo about the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Marth Amiibo’s collective status on the endangered toy species list. First we hear they are discontinued, then we hear that no Amiibos have been discontinued, then we hear that they’re “likely” gone. If you’ve got Amiibo on the brain, it’s enough to make you lose your marbles, or if you’ve been re-branded by Nintendo, your Amiibarbles. 

Being the powerful Amiibo-truth seeker that I am, I headed to my local Toys “R” us to ask if the “holy trinity” were still active in their system. According to a helpful Toys “R” Us clerk who asked to remain anonymous, Toys “R” Us will not be stocking the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, and Marth Amiibo’s under their current SKU ever again. He even let me take pictures of the SKU listings on his scan gun and showed me the little “X” on each one that means that particular product is dead forever. 

I already found my Wii Fit trainer Amiibo and now I feel bad for all the people who are missing out. It’s definitely the most well made out of the four I have. I’ll be sure to bring it to local smash tourneys so people can bow to it, kiss its feet, and pay tribute to its spiritual significance in whatever other ways they feel are right. 

Jonathan Holmes
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