Amiibo wave 2b is severed further, Captain Falcon coming later in some cases

I hope Wave 3 isn’t this messy

It feels like almost daily I’m researching or getting tips on the amiibo situation, and I get even more “thank you” emails from collectors. It helps to be informed!

As we know the Wave 2 amiibo were split into two groups — Diddy Kong, Zelda, and Little Mac — and Luigi, Pit, and Captain Falcon. The former three shipped out recently, with Luigi and Pit shipping out to most retailers this week, if they aren’t there already.

The big change though is Captain Falcon, who is showing up in multiple retailers’ systems as delayed until December 30. Of course, some people already have him, but consider yourself lucky if that’s the case. If you haven’t had a chance to pre-order the captain, I’d check in with your local store first.

Chris Carter
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