amiibo Wave 2 split at many retailers, Zelda, Little Mac, and Diddy Kong available this weekend

Go check your pre-order status

[Update: Jonathan Holmes here with an important amiibogate update. Best Buy is apparently holding back the release of the Little Mac amiibo until December 19th. I found one on their shelves last night. When I tried to buy it, they took it from me and put it in their store room, stating that it wasn’t supposed to be on shelves until the 19th. I asked them why Best Buy was holding back the sale of product that they had in stock, that Nintendo was allowing other retailers like Toys”R”Us and Target to sell right now, and they said “To manufacture scarcity? I don’t know, I just work here.”

They were nice enough to look in the system for me to see when the Captain Falcon and Pit amiibo would be put on sale. The date they had was December 30th.]

Due to a shipping delay, half of Wave 2 of the amiibo line has been delayed in some retailers, while Zelda, Little Mac, and Diddy Kong are available now. As a side note, I called multiple Targets, Toys”R”Us stores, and GameStops, and they are already all sold out of Little Mac. Either way you slice it, Little Mac seems to be the “Marth” of the pack at the moment.

I went into my local store to pick them up after hearing a tip from a friend, but many people I know aren’t aware that the figures are available yet, or haven’t obtained a text from GameStop saying that their merchandise is ready to pick up. This is your reminder!

The other half of Wave 2, Captain Falcon, Luigi, and Pit, are dropping sometime next week, with Pit being the rarest of this bunch based on reports. Multiple stores I contacted stated that they would obtain them either on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, so keep a lookout.

Wave 3 is set to drop sometime in February. Lucario, Shulk, and Meta Knight are exclusive to specific stores, and there is a rumored fourth exclusive — said to be Rosalina at Target.

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