American McGee’s Grimm debut trailer makes its…uh…debut.

Back in 2000 I and everyone I knew was unbelievably excited for American McGee’s Alice.  Following the game’s release we could all be found hovering over our keyboards, gleefully WASDing our way through McGee’s twisted vision of Wonderland.  Sure, Alice may not stand the test of time, but many of us have fond memories of that damned anorexic cheshire cat and for us the game remains iconic of that time.

So when word that a game based on the tales of the Brothers Grimm was being developed by American McGee’s design house Spicy Horse I was, needless to say, more than a little excited.  However this trailer is a bit of a disappointment.  Yes the game looks cute, and it has an interesting art style, but I don’t want cute from American McGee. I want the blood drenched fever dream of a mental patient distilled and packaged into 24 episodes for my GameTap downloading pleasure, and this trailer makes it seem as though I’ll only have the latter.

Now I’ll still definitely pick this up, especially if it comes to Xbox Live as McGee has alluded it might, and with R.J. Berg, the lead writer and executive producer for Alice, on board maybe I’ll be surprised. But the sad fact remains that this really doesn’t look like the horrific bastardization of classic fairy tales we’ve been hoping for.

[Thanks, Justin]

Qais Fulton