American McGee still has awesome name, confirms Unreal 3.0 ‘twisted tale’ title

American McGee. McGee. McGeeeeee! Isn’t it just fun to say it?

McGee (which also fun to type) has confirmed that his Chinese-based studio, Spicy Horse, is currently working on an Unreal Engine 3 powered “big publisher, multi-platform, twisted tale project.” In a post on his official blog, McGee is looking for everyone from a producer to a junior programmer, so maybe it’s time to start polishing those resumes. No further information is given on the title, but one can speculate that this project will find its home on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, if not both. 

This is Spicy Horse’s second project, the first of which is the episodic GameTap project, American McGee’s Grimm, which McGee says is at “the half-way point.” The team is currently 12 episodes into the 24 episode project.

[Via GamaSutra]

Nick Chester