AMD kills the ATI name for their cards and chips

Man, that’s kind of sad. I’ve had ATI stuff in my PC rigs for a long time. And remember the ATI logo on our GameCube systems? It’s all over now as AMD, owner of the popular graphics accelerators and technology line, has decided to pull the plug on the ATI brand. After 25 years the name will disappear from their products. The company cites the higher consumer awareness of AMD over ATI. That’s debatable. Or not. They’d know better than I.

“[The] combination of AMD and Radeon actually proved to be a stronger combination than ATI and Radeon in the minds of processor-aware consumers, by a statistically significant amount,” says marketing VP John Volkmann.

The cards will keep the “Radeon” name, but you will no longer see that red boxed logo on their products. The 6000 series of Radeon cards will be first to drop the branding.

AMD to kill off ATI name [GamesIndustry]

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