Amazon’s selling PS4s bundled with a free year of PlayStation Plus

Not a bad time to get in on that

The late adopters continually have justification for putting off purchasing a new console. You know, as long as they don’t mind the extra time on legacy systems. The latest reasoning comes from Amazon in a sneaky good deal.

Amazon’s offering a PlayStation 4 bundled with a year-long subscription to PlayStation Plus for $399.99. We haven’t seen the PS4 go down in price yet (like Xbox One has), so the best you can hope for is some sweet pack-ins.

The PS Plus subscription ($50 value) grants access to free games every month through Sony’s premium service. In May, five titles were a part of the program and available on PS4. Extrapolated across 12 months, well, that’s a pretty decent start to your PS4 library.

And, of course, this bundle comes with The Last of Us: Remastered, as all new PS4s do. That, PS Plus, and Bloodborne for $40 will make you look like you’ve owned a PS4 for years.

Amazon’s obviously selling a lot more than just PlayStations. Here are a few of the other video game deals it’s running right now:

Brett Makedonski
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