Amazon’s robot has been steadily dropping Fallout 4’s price

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How low can it go?

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File this under “fellow robot gone rogue” as Amazon’s price match robot looks to be on the fritz this weekend. On Friday, January 15, the online retailer discounted Fallout 4‘s PC physical DVD copy as much as 35 percent off to $38.65. That was the lowest ever price we’ve seen for the PC version of the game (including digital Steam key price from authorized retailers) since release.

But wait, there’s more!

A few days later, price dropped further to about $34.87. Today, its sitting at about $34 — although the price is still fluctuating as of writing (above you can see the price history of Fallout 4 for the PC DVD version.)

If you’re seeing a different seller/price when you click through and want to make sure you’re buying from Amazon, click on the “new listing” tab and scroll down to find as the seller.

The same wacky price drops are also happening to Call of Duty: Black Ops III — though it’s not as drastic. Given it’s a holiday weekend in the US, we suspect there’s no one on hand to put a stop to price robot’s reign of discount terror.

Will it drop lower? If you want to roll the dice, we suggest checking back in a few hours to see if it breaks the $30 threshold. Or maybe it’ll be back to full price. Who the hell knows.

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