Amazon’s Gold Box deal: Final Fantasy XIII $36.99 on PS3

Sometimes’s Gold Box game deal is on something your kid sister would even pass on, but today it’s on something good. Well, good if you like Final Fantasy.

Get Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 for 38 percent off, or $36.99. If you want it for the Xbox 360, you’ll get 20 percent off, which puts the game at $47.99. Someone has to pay for the 79 discs inside! Amazon is waiting for your order.

Should you get Final Fantasy XIII? If you’re still on the fence about it you could either look at my impressions or Jim’s review. We’re polar opposites on this game, but if you’re leaning more towards Jim’s side but still want to try it, then at least take comfort in knowing that you’re saving over $20 on the game.

[Thanks, Marley]

Dale North