Amazon’s giving away Bloodborne with new PS4s

Now that’s a deal

It’s not exactly a new concept for Amazon to bundle the hot game of the week with consoles. That’s been happening for a while with the likes of Grand Theft Auto V and Dying Light being two of the more recent examples. But, Amazon has a new pack-in that’s pretty tough to resist.

This week, Amazon is throwing in a copy of Bloodborne with purchases of a new PlayStation 4 at the price of $399.99. Considering the rave reviews that Bloodborne is getting (we can’t stop talking about it over here), that’s a pretty great deal. But, it gets even better. This bundle comes with a $20 gift card, too.

For anyone that’s interested in Bloodborne but doesn’t yet own a PS4, this is as good of a time as any to invest. Those two items aren’t going to likely come at a cheaper rate anytime soon.

PlayStation 4 Bloodborne bundle [Amazon]

Brett Makedonski
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