Amazon’s gearing up for Black Friday with some cheap games and sexy TVs

There’s plenty more to come

Black Friday seems to get here earlier and earlier every year. Recently, retailers pushed the annual shopping extravaganza to Thanksgiving evening. This year, Amazon’s prepping the masses for massive savings with a week of rotating deals before turkey day even hits. Pretty soon Black Friday will be an entire designated quarter of the year.

But, the consumerism-minded among us will openly welcome the opportunity to pick up some games and electronics for cheap. Some of these deals from Amazon are a nice start, especially that 4K 50″ TV (and Wolfenstein for those who can’t swing $800 right now).

We’re going to make a sincere effort to keep you in the loop this holiday season about all the fine deals at both online retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. After all, what good is all this videogame news if you can’t play any of them? Ideally, you’ll do that as cheap as humanly possible.



Brett Makedonski
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