Amazon’s Cyber Monday is a second chance at cheap videogames

And other stuff you probably don’t need

Cyber Monday’s upon us — a second opportunity for those that were too lazy (or wise) to venture out among the Black Friday masses to secure things we don’t need for cheap. This is just a couple days later, and all you need to dodge is your pesky supervisor instead of thousands of grumpy but excitable people.

As it’s kind of always been, Cyber Monday doesn’t vary too wildly from Black Friday. A lot of the deals are similar, if not identical. That’s the case with this year’s Amazon videogame deals. There’s some new stuff here, but it’s mostly just another chance to pick up The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, or Shadow of Mordor. Seriously, those games were everywhere this year.

Also, it kind of blows my mind that some 4K televisions are available for less than a grand already. 



Brett Makedonski
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