Amazon will be sponsoring a Dissidia Final Fantasy tournament for Square Enix

On January 17

I’ve always wondered why Square Enix dropped Dissidia, a complete celebration of the entire Final Fantasy series, on portable devices. I mean don’t get me wrong the PSP was widely successful in Japan, but with the right tweaks the publisher could have built up a nice FGC following behind it over all these years.

They might be trying to do that now though, as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be getting its own tournament, sponsored by Amazon. It’ll take place on January 17 and will involve “some of the world’s top fighting game streamers,” and will also include “predicting” (read: betting) on winners for prizes via Amazon.

This is neat! I’ll be taking a closer look at NT when it arrives at the end of the month, but ultimately the community and its sales will decide if it gets inducted into the FGC pantheon.

Chris Carter
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