Amazon sells 1,400 Wiis in ten minutes

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According to Computer and Videogames, last week Amazon sold out of their replenished stock of 1,400 Wii consoles in ten minutes. Let me repeat that — Amazon sold 1,400 Wiis in ten minutes.

This number really isn’t surprising — the Wii craze shows no signs of slowing down, with people lining up in force this past Friday to pick up the console. Just checking out the listings on my local Craigslist, people are attempting to sell the console for $400 or more, and are likely finding desperate consumers willing to pay the price. I was also laughed off of the phone by a few GameStop stores when I made some calls to determine console availability. 

So if you’re looking to pick up Nintendo’s console this holiday, best of luck to you. This is the second holiday for the Wii, and it looks like Nintendo are going to continue to gain ground in what is quickly becoming a “console massacre.”

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