Amazon says its PS3 sales have gone up 700% since the price cut

While some of us were waiting for better games than Motorstorm to be released, it seems that a lot more were just itching for that hundred dollar price drop. Since Sony announced it was slashing prices like the Yorkshire Ripper on its PlayStation 3, sales on Amazon have shot through the roof, now holding the retailer’s number 3 sales slot — a huge improvement over the 24th slot it held prior. Furthermore, in the last 24 hours it has become the largest sales gainer as far as videogame related products go. Amazing what the shedding of a hundred bucks can do.

Now, I know some of you have been keen to point out that Amazon is but one retailer, but this is still pretty significant and indicates that price was indeed the biggest barrier to Sony’s success. All we need now are some stellar PS3 titles on the shelves and maybe the fence-sitters will join in the frey. So close to E3, this is the kind of last-minute boost that Sony needs.  

[Via Punch Jump, with tippage from Mr. Burling] 

Jim Sterling