Amazon sales put interest in Kinect over Move

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While it is unclear if either Microsoft’s Kinect or Sony’s Move will actually move at retail, it’s always fun to base prediction off of Amazon’s constant tracking of how well it is selling things. Despite the fact that Amazon actually has a pretty small fraction of gaming sales in the U.S. the way their sales go is often the way retail goes as well, and that way seems to be toward Microsoft.

At the moment Kinect holds the number one spot on their top 100 selling videogames list with the Xbox 360 “Slim” right behind it. The first mention of PlayStation Move is the Navigation Controller at 44 and the Move Starter Bundle close behind at 46. Despite the 360 having an ever dwindling lead in number of units sold over the PS3 that big a gap has to be a little frustrating for Sony. This puts the Move, a brand new and recently hyped item, below almost all of Nintendo’s controllers for the Wii, which I don’t have to tell you have been on the market forever.

Again, Amazon isn’t a foregone conclusion when it comes to sales and how the market will move things, but I would have expected the Move to be a bit higher up on the list.

[Thanks, Ken D.]

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