Amazon Prime subscribers are getting a bunch of cash in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online

The first of many bonuses

You don’t have to be an outlaw or a ne’er-do-well to pull off a heist (of sorts) in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online. You just have to buy a subscription service with the world’s biggest retailer. 

Twitch Prime subscribers (which is automatically lumped in with an Amazon Prime membership) can take advantage of a new partnership between Rockstar Games and Twitch. All Grand Theft Auto Online players will be gifted GTA$ 1,250,000, alongside a 15 percent bonus in any GTA bucks they purchase with real money. Red Dead Online players get RDO$300, a 15 percent bonus on gold bars they buy with real money, and the Superior Ammo Bundle which contains: 30 dynamite arrows, 60 incendiary buckshot ammo, 30 volatile fire bottles, and 200 express ammo.

This is just the first offer, though. Rockstar and Twitch say this is the “beginning in a long-term series of exclusive Rockstar Games benefits.” All you have to do is link your Social Club account and have a Twitch Prime membership, then let the cash roll in. That’s the quickest way to get rich — faster than selling all those pelts and robbing all those banks. Probably more ethical, too.

Grand Theft Auto Online [Twitch Prime]

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