Amazon Prime Gaming’s January offerings include Bridge Constructor Playground and Star Wars: Squadrons loot

Plus Apex Legends stuff

It’s the beginning of the month! So it’s time for all of the “free drop” services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Prime Gaming to deliver the news of what’s to come.

For the latter, it’s going to be another sorta low key month for free games, with a variety of different “drops” (read: loot/microtransactions) for various other games. Bridge Constructor Playground is likely the highlight here for a lot of people, but the free games of January list also includes When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, Void Bastards, Alt Frequencies, and Along the Edge.

As far as loot goes GTA Online is still kicking with monthly bonuses, which includes the Kosataka submarine’s sonar station, as well as “one million in GTA cash every month.” Prime Gaming says you just need to connect your account with Rockstar’s Social Club.

You can find the full list of drops below. Apex Legends is getting another Wraith skin! I feel like this is the billionth one.

January 2021

Free Games with Prime: When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, Void Bastards, Bridge Constructor Playground, Alt Frequencies, Along the Edge.

  • Grand Theft Auto content
  • Red Dead Online content
  • Star Wars: Squadrons content, Drop 2
  • Madden NFL 21 content, Drop 3
  • limited-time ad-free play
  • Cube Surfer limited-time ad-free play
  • League of Legends content, Drop 1
  • Legends of Runeterra content, Drop 1
  • SMITE content, Drop 4
  • Paladins content, Drop 4
  • Rogue Company content, Drop 4
  • 1.7 Magic Tiles 3 content, Drop 6
  • 1.8 Last chance to claim: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
  • 1.12 Roblox content, Drop 6
  • 1.13 Maple Story M content
  • 1.14 Magic Tiles 3 content, Drop 7
  • 1.15 League of Legends content, Drop 2
  • 1.15 Last chance to claim: Turmoil, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War, HyperDot, Close to the Sun, Wizard of Legend
  • 1.19 Valorant content, Drop 1
  • 1.21 Magic Tiles 3 content, Drop 8
  • 1.25 League of Legends content, Drop 3
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