Amazon now has the Squid Sisters and other Splatoon amiibo

They’re out today

After being up at Best Buy for weeks, all of you folks who were holding out for Amazon for the new Splatoon amiibo wave can now finally pull the trigger. Today, the new line launches, which includes the Squid Sisters Callie & Marie as a double pack, and a new boy, girl, and squid color variant. 

The former will unlock new music for the game’s hub area, so if you still play the game on a weekly basis and are really into Callie & Marie, it might be worth it. I can’t attest to the quality of the tunes as my figures aren’t due in until this evening.

In other amiibo news the upcoming November Mario wave is still sold out on Amazon, so if you can find them available somewhere, consider pre-ordering them. Also, with the release of the sisters, there are now 100 amiibo in circulation.

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