Amazon launches Mac game store, offers one free game

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That headline would have been funny years ago, but now gaming on a Mac is a real thing. Gaming Mac users have to have that teary yet smiley face here lately with Steam and now Amazon proving game downloads. 

This new Mac Game Downloads area (great name, Amazon) is up and running, and is even giving away a free game to celebrate its launch. Airport Mania wouldn’t be at the top of my list of wanted games, but I’ll take it anyway. It’s only free through June 1st, so get it now.

Aside from this silly game, the Amazon store seems to have a pretty good selection of Mac games already. I see a ton of EA games in the Best Of section. Borderlands, Bioshock, Dragon Age II and more are all available, and all priced nicely. The selection isn’t great yet, but that’ll come with time.

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