Amazon kills 20 percent off pre-orders for Prime members in favor of $10 credit

Well, this just isn’t the same

One of the best ways to pre-order new games is now dead. For Amazon Prime members, picking up a game through Amazon turned a $60 purchase into a $48 purchase. Next week, it’ll be replaced with a different bonus system.

Amazon has announced that beginning on August 28, it will no longer offer 20 percent off pre-orders for Prime subscribers. Instead, Prime members’ accounts will be credited $10 for every game they pre-order. The credit may take 35 days to show up, and it must be used within 60 days of when it’s applied. Only “select video games” qualify. Here are the full details.

There are a couple notable drawbacks here. First, the 20 percent discount usually represented a $12 savings, and this is only a $10 savings. But, more pertinent for a lot of people, this forces you to spend the full $60 and then use that other $10 somewhere on Amazon. Sure, it’s possible to get into a loop of always applying that $10 toward a new game, but it just feels like a markedly worse incentive than the 20 percent off.

The writing was probably on the wall when Amazon nixed the 20 percent off for remasters. Now the program has been entirely revamped. At least it’s still possible to get those pre-orders in until August 28 and take advantage of the 20 percent off while it’s still around.

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