Amazon jumps aboard the Dragon Age preorder train

It’s simply not enough that GameStop and Steam are offering preorder bonuses for Dragon Age: Origins, or that there is a standard edition, Collector’s Edition and Digital Deluxe edition to choose from. Nope, now Amazon has joined the party, offering its own set of exclusive goodies in exchange for buying BioWare’s next RPG through them.

Amazon is offering a $10 gift card along with the Lion’s Paw Boots, an in-game item that adds to the player’s armor, dodge and missile evasion attributes. Remember, preordering through Steam gets you the Wicked Oath Ring, while preordering through GameStop gets you Feral Wolf Charm. Nearly all retailers are offering the Memory Ring as well. You are pretty much spoiled for choice. 

I’m not sure if that much choice is a great thing, either. I mean, EA and BioWare seem to be taking the idea of exclusive bonuses and going mental with it. I dread to think what will happen with Mass Effect 2. Will we get to the point where every different retail chain will have something unique to offer? The idea of preorder exclusives has potential to get pretty ludicrous if this carries on. 

Ah well, doesn’t matter to me. This game is going to be awesome and you’re going to agree.

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