Amazon has Dissidia as Deal of the Day

The idea of Dissidia: Final Fantasy is probably more entertaining than the game will be (Jim’s review was less than exuberant), which is why I’ve held off on picking up a copy for myself. Today may be the day, as Amazon has the series-spanning button-masher at a 43% discount. That means it’s $22.98 if you didn’t want to do the math yourself.

Of course, it’s their Deal of the Day and will only be available at that price for twenty-four hours or until they run out of stock. While I’m doubtful that the latter will occur, I’m sure there are some people out there who have at least been curious and waiting for a price drop.

Any of you going to pick this up today? Do you guys think this is a bargain or should the price have to dip a little further?

Conrad Zimmerman