Amazon confirms it’ll start selling the NES Classic on Friday afternoon

2pm Pacific, to be exact

The NES Classic is one of the more sought-after holiday items this year, and it has been relatively difficult to secure days before its launch. A few retailers held brief pre-order periods, but anyone who didn’t get in on those is left hoping there will be ample supply on Friday, November 11 when it releases.

Amazon, like most places, won’t open pre-orders but we do know exactly when it’ll have some NES Classics to purchase. An email was just sent out to interested Amazon customers that the mini console will be available on Friday at 2pm Pacific. Here’s the product page just in case you want to keep tabs on it; we’ll also put up a reminder post on Friday afternoon.

There are a few circumstances that are unique to the NES Classic since it’s an item that Amazon says will have “very limited quantities” (although more are expected in the coming weeks). The NES Classic is restricted to one per customer. Further, one-click ordering is turned off. Because of the high demand, make sure you have your credit card and shipping details sorted ahead of time.

With this heads-up, most people should be able to nab one if they want one — that is, if they have the benefit of not doing anything else at this very specific moment. Those without that luxury might find themselves waiting a couple of weeks.

Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition [Amazon]

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